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New Releases...

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New Start

Tom Kennedy

Autumn Hill Records, On Sale and Streaming March 22, 2024!

Legendary pianist Keith Jarrett once said of his recorded music, “If there were words to express it, there would be no need for the music.”

Ironically, Keith’s sentiment provided the perfect verbiage for describing the process I’ve experienced in creating the music for this album. These compositions did not come to me in complete thoughts, but rather as bits and pieces of melody, harmony, or rhythm to build from, much as in a live improvisation. A single notes or chord could inspire a pathway to a new section or critical transition of a song, and at times a completely orchestrated idea would just pop into my head. No method, no foresight…just the music.

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"Clearwater" (single now streaming)

Michael Silverman and Eric Marienthal

Autumn Hill Records, 2022

feat. John Patitucci, Rob Silverman and Casey Adams

The second single from the upcoming album collaboration In These Times, "Clearwater" is a joyful and soulful tune inspired by the good memories of performing many times in Clearwater, FL. Remembering travel and camaraderie among musicians was how we spent those early days of the pandemic, and we collaborated in the only way we could during that period of isolation: online recording. And it was an uplifting activity that spurred so much creativity for many artists, in spite of the troubles of the world.


Rob Silverman

Autumn Hill Records, 2019

feat. drummers Dave Weckl, Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Casey Adams, John Blackwell and Gregg Bissonette

with Eric Marienthal, Michael Silverman, Jay Oliver, Bill Westfall, Jerry Goodman, Matt Bollinger, Buzz Feiten, John Patitucci, Chuck Weirich, Dave Black and Larry Kornfeld


Composed and produced by Jay Oliver and Michael Silverman, this incredible album is Rob's impossible dream come true: he plays duets with all of his favorite drummers, and the music is played by all of his favorite musicians and friends. Recorded in a dozen studios across America, this was a monumental project of pure joy! 


Live In St. Louis at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival 2019

The Dave Weckl Band

Autumn Hill Records, 2021

NEW! Dave Weckl Band Live Album

The show was recorded in Dave's home town of St. Louis in the summer of 2019. A featured act at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival, the band featured Dave Weckl (drums), Jay Oliver (keyboards), Tom Kennedy (bass), Buzz Feiten (guitar), and Gary Meek (saxophones).

This is a digital release. Pre-orders start February 28 and the album will be available for streaming on all platforms starting on April 8, 2021.

Two videos from the performance are below. The full video is available right now as  part of the Dave Weckl Online School. Subscribers ($30/month) can find it in the live shows are of the school. Click here to subscribe!


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Human Spirit

Michael Silverman, featuring Jeff Lorber

Autumn Hill Records, 2020

co-written and produced by Jeff Lorber

feat. Jimmy Haslip, Eric Marienthal, David Benoit, Michael Thompson, Adam Hawley, Vinnie Colaiuta, Gary Novak, and Rob Silverman.


Melodic contemporary piano music with some of the world's finest players, Piano by the Sea is a collaboration of Michael's melodies and Jeff's inimitable grooves.


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Scott Jones - Fictional Characters (feat. Steve Hunt, Romain Labaye, Archibald Ligonnière)

Autumn Hill Records, 2020

Guitarist Scott Jones is one of the most innovative musicians and composers on the scene today, and he's joined by three stellar legends to create a masterpiece of jazz fusion virtuosity and passion.

AVAILABLE NOW on Bandcamp, coming soon to all digital platofrms.

bach to the future cd.jpg

Pachelbel's Canon in D, Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, Flight of the Bumblebee

Bach to the Future

Autumn Hill Records, 2009

Classical music meets jazz and world music, this ground-breaking group tackles some of the world's greatest pieces and takes them to new and exciting musical realms.

Rhythm City CD art 1.jpg


Ptah Williams, Piano, keyboards

Rob Silverman, drums

Larry Kornfeld, bass

with guests

Randy Brecker, trumpet, Eric Marienthal, sax, Michael Silverman, synths

Autumn Hill Records, 2020

Three giants of the jazz fusion scene in St. Louis, along with Grammy winning guest artists, performing a stellar collection of fusion classics and more!

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A Moment in Time

Steve Davis, Jay Oliver and William Lenihan

Autumn Hill Records, 2014

Legendary pianist, producer and composer Jay Oliver, drum icon Steve Davis and world-renowned bassist William Lenihan team up to tackle some familiar tunes, with a level of sophistication and depth that captivates the imagination. 

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The Power Station Sessions

The Pat Petrillo Big Rhythm Band

Autumn Hill Records 2022

Featuring performances by Nile Rodgers, John Popper, Oz Noy, Felicia Collins, Lenny Pickett, and Glen Burtnik

Ptah WIlliams Cleared for TAKEOFF.jpg

Cleared for Takeoff

Ptah Williams

Autumn Hill Records, 2016

The legendary pianist Ptah Williams, along with drummer Marty Morrison, bassist Bob DeBoo and guitarist Eric Slaughter, perform a collection of fiery jazz original pieces, along with a few amazing renditions of some jazz favorites.

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Learning How To Fly

Clivia Tanisi

Autumn Hill Records, 2020

Itialian songstress Clivia Tanisi's new EP "Learning How to Fly," with Dave Weckl, TOm Kennedy and Geroge Whitty. Special guest Bob Franceschini.

Soul Cafe CD concept.jpg

Step Aside

Soul Cafe

Autumn Hill Records, 2021

Ed Starrett - Guitar
Jason Swagler - Saxophone/Producer
Jerry Scruggs - Keyboards/Organ
Tim Quarells - Drums
Bud Quarells - Bass
Donald Williams - Percussion 



Our catalog consists of music from classical to jazz, New Age to various World music titles. With 14 number one albums on iTunes and counting, our artists have been featured many times on the iTunes Featured Artists and can be heard in films by Martin Scorsese and Ken Burns, as well as TV productions on HBO, NBC, CBS, and more.

Contact us for inquiries regarding sync licensing in your project!

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Autumn Hill Records is proud to partner with MODERN DRUMMER magazine!

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In our mission to support and celebrate great drummers, our affiliation with Modern Drummer and all that they have accomplished is a point of great pride for us! We are also proud to be an official sponsor of the 2022 Modern Drummer Festival.

Subscribe to Modern Drummer HERE, check out their amazing books and multimedia offerings HERE, and keep up to date with all the amazing online events, including the MODERN DRUMMER Festival, HERE!

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