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Live In St. Louis at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival 2019

The Dave Weckl Band

Autumn Hill Records, 2021

NEW! Dave Weckl Band Live Album

The show was recorded in Dave's home town of St. Louis in the summer of 2019. A featured act at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival, the band featured Dave Weckl (drums), Jay Oliver (keyboards), Tom Kennedy (bass), Buzz Feiten (guitar), and Gary Meek (saxophones).

This is a digital release. Pre-orders start February 28 and the album will be available for streaming on all platforms starting on April 8, 2021.

Two videos from the performance are below. The full video is available right now as  part of the Dave Weckl Online School. Subscribers ($30/month) can find it in the live shows are of the school. Click here to subscribe!


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